Miniroller UK Textile Machines
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Brief History
The Company was founded in 1959 by the late Chairman, Mr Sidney Balaban. In the late 50’s, whilst Mr. Balaban was in the UK Textile Converting Business, he saw the need for a compact roll to roll measuring machine.

Being mechanically minded, he designed a machine for himself; building it in his garden shed. Many were impressed, and enquired as to where they could purchase one - only to be told it was home-made! Three more textile machines were completed for friends in the trade incorporating several design improvements. The first ever ‘Miniroller’ was born.

By this time the garden shed was becoming a little constraining (to say the least) and premises were sought during 1960. The textile machines business continued to grow and sons Graham and Anthony joined the firm. Various textile machines have been added to the range over the years for automatic Panel cutting & slitting and a simple textiles pull out & spreading machine for the home textiles market..

Why Miniroller?
The success of this UK Company has been competitive pricing, quality products with BACK-UP and an ability to remain adaptable. Customers and distributors have been established worldwide and the Company remains eager for ‘feedback’ - improvements in quality can be continuously made.

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