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Fabric Cross Cutting Machines

Shown below, are some of the products in our range. All are User Friendly, Fast and Efficient.
For further details on any please contact us today.

Model LCA "N"
*  This model can cut up to 13ft (4m) wide!
*  Press button Cutter operation - cut & return.
*  Variable length cut for narrow fabric
*  Levered mechanical track lifters for stacking    
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All our fabric cutting machines save you fabric and time.

Model LCM
Square-cut ends without waste
*  Pull or Push handles or both for wide tables
*  Mechanical Lifters - for each track to ensure accuracy
*  For tables up to 2.5mt wide, or wider!
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Model LCS(M)
Quick length change with single lifter per track
*  Max table width - 215cm, fabric 200cm.
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Model LCS(N)
*  Our most popular semi- auto return end-cutter
*  Tables up to 215cm, fabric width 215cm cut
*   ast length changing with a single Lifter per track
*  Press button auto cutting & return
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Model ‘LPA’ 
*  Fully auto Cutting & clamping
*  Used by: Garment Makers, Bedding &
 Curtain makers and many other industries.
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The "CYCLONE" for thicker material
Model "LCY" Automatic & Model "LDY" Manual
*  For cross cutting tougher or thicker material
*  Slow & powerful 10 sided cutting blade
*  Variable traversing speed but full speed return
*  "Steel Fingers" fabric clamp & interlock for safety
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For SINGLE CUTS , clean & accurate & fast, the CUTTING GUIDE TRACK & CUTTING HEAD can be purchased on their own. Please see brochure

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Automatic Panel Cutting

Automatic Panel Cutting - High Production
Used by: The bedding, curtain & home textile industries, disposable blanket & sheets industries and any volume cutting applications
*   PLC controlled batching & length measure
*    Conveyor loading & feed reduce distortion
*  Input 1 or 2 rolls, pre-hemmed or 2 or 4 fold from pallet
*  Vertical gravity drop slitting for selveges & width
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ECONOMY Panel Cut 2000
Automatic Panel Cutting - Medium Production
Counter controlled length & batch input
*  One or 2 rolls fed straight from rear center bars
*  Vertical Stacker
*  Vertical gravity drop width and selvedge slitting 
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Pull-Out, Stack & Cut 
One operator.      Widths 60"/1.5m to 120"/3.0m

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One Operator Fabric Laying System
for the Curtain, Drapes, Bedding, Mattress, Home Textiles & similar industries where one operator has to ACCURATELY spread, stack & cut panels

*  Stack 20cm(8") high multiple plies
*  Quick roll change
*  Fast accurate & effort-saving to de-skill the operation

*  Pattern matching made simple on either  our single or double pull out units up to
3mts /120" wide.
OPTIONAL Powered Dispenser - rolls 35kg to 500kg (70lbs to ton) to relieve weight, effort & distortion whilst pulling out.
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Fabric Measuring Rolling & Inspection

MINIROLLER M - Measure & re-roll
MINIROLLER IM - with inspection

For low cost fabric measuring & examining. Stands on your table.
Used by: Fabric Warehouses, Fabric Retailers and Factories. Up to 35kg rolls.
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 IM -
floor standing version with deep screen

                 Miniroller Model "M"                      Miniroller Model IM"
                Measuring & Rolling                    Inspection & Measuring
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Used by: Fabric Warehouses, Fabric Retailers and Factories
Inspect, measure & cut lengths, check stock
Auto or manual length with inspection screen + cutter,

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Variable angle screen   Narrow table   Velvet

*  Compact, adaptable, On Wheels!
*  Fabric measuring & re-rolling made simple. 
*  For fast accurate neat cut-lengths, splitting rolls, stock taking & checking incoming goods.
Used by: Fabric Retailers & Shops, Fabric Wholesalers & Warehouses, Fabric Distribution Centres.  
Sizes: 150cm to 320cm widths.
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Model: MIDI -L  
Inspection & Batching Machine
*  Cradle loading rolls to 20" dia (500mm)
* Standard 50kg per roll ; optional 100kg
* Tensioner, auto selvege correction & fault cutter
* Under/over lights, deep angled inspection surface
* Digital length read out, pre-set counter, variable speed
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Model VTM for
Custom Made Curtains & Drapes

vertical tabling machine


*  Fast suspension for lined & unlined Curtains
*  Standard size 2.9 wide * 3.1 high. Any size up to 9.5 * 6.4 for over 6 widths.
*  Accurate & fast measurement, cross cutting and/or ultra-violet spray line marking for turn-ups or headers.
*  Simple training and operation gives flexibility for operators.
*  Unique & simple Drop & Program adjustment on permanent display & under 1 second adjustment for either by electro mechanical system with no complex electronics or computers to go wrong
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