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UNI-SPREAD one person fabric Pull-Out, Stack & Cut-Off Machine

Uni-Spread/Feed pictures and how it works

Uni-Spread Pull-Out carriage (left),
Cross cutter & stacking unit (centre)  
Uni-Feed Powered un-roller & Edge Guidance unit (right)  
How the feed off & tables work...
The powered un-roller maintains a "lazy-loop" of material of appx 1.5mts which makes the operators job of pushing the carriage very smooth & effortless for rolls up to 50kg. 
For heavier rolls our "Maxi" feed can cope with 500kg or 1 ton rolls and maintain a lazy loop of over 6mts whilst the operator is pulling out, stacking & cutting.
For lightweight stable rolls up to 35kg then a simple Cross Table Cloth Dispenser can be supplied comprising 2 stands that attach to the table sides and a steel or aluminium pole to go through the roll core. 
Tables, as shown, are modular steel framed, with adjustable feet for leveling, & with 25mm thick laminate tops supplied in length units of 47.5"/1206mm. The width required will suit the Uni-Spread model and is normally 12"/300mm wider than the maximum fabric width.
Pull Out carriage showing the air pistons that grip the fabric during pulling out. 

How it works..
When the required length is reached the carriage hits a physical stop. The fabric is ALWAYS pulled out perfectly square because the carriage is running on gear track attached on BOTH sides of the underside of the table overhangs (darker grey in the picture).

Having reached the stop, the CLAMP button is pressed to release the air pistons & the green button is pressed to operate the cutter & stacker at the roll end of the table.



Cut-Off unit & Stacker


(On the right is the Uni-Feed unit that is maintaining a lazy loop of fabric & keeping the near edge straight automatically. This ensures squareness & tension relieved pulling out.)

How it works...
When the green "CUT" button is pressed by the operator (above) the cutter will run across to cut the fabric. The whole cutting rail will raise up 3"/75mm which allows the cut end to fall on to the stack, then the rail descends to trap the fabric by the black rubber attached to its underside. As the rail descends the cutter returns to station on the far side.

The new end is prevented from pulling back by the grey foam roller. By the time the operator has returned with the carriage this whole operation is complete. The carriage can then catch the new lead end using the small air pistons (see above) and the whole process repeated. A counter keeps track of the number of cuts; it can be switched off so it doesn't count trim or fault cuts.


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